DC Has Joined the Superhero Race

Shhh…listen. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of all the raging fanboys eating their words.

Yes folks, it may have taken a while but DC finally has people on board. Ben Affleck has *mostly* won over his detractors and now with an extensive article from EMPIRE Magazine, DC shows just how serious and involved they are with this new cinematic universe. It is effectively shutting the haters down, hard and fast.

batman v superman empire

With an abundance of information released, where does one begin? I suppose the information I gravitated towards instantly was the tidbit about Justice League shooting this upcoming spring. Sure, Chris Terrio said in Entertainment Weekly’s SDCC issue that he had completed the script, but I had not expected shooting to start until the summer. It seems DC is deeper in pre-production than some had assumed. That alone gives many others and me a sigh of relief. It screams confidence and preparedness from Warner Bros, something lacking from them for many years.

Of course, when you talk about a connected universe, one has to stop and think about the boundaries a company must put in place. That’s where producer Charles Roven comes in.

“Kind of a timeline of what every movie is, where it is going, and where the films fit in relation to each other. We call it the sandbox. It has borders around it, but everybody gets to play in the sandbox. On Suicide Squad, David Ayer has a lot of specific control over his area of the sandbox. Even if he crosses the line a little bit, we see if we can push our boundaries back a little bit.”

UltronDirectors and their visions is something that’s become lost in Marvel’s universe, a universe focused more on setting up the next chapter than anything else (I’m looking at you, Age of YawnTron). Roven’s comments are refreshing to hear from a mammoth company like Warner Bros. They want each director to give their own take on the numerous properties, but still make sure to connect each film in a singular universe. The universe is also starting differently from Marvel’s, using a big team up film like Justice League to flesh out characters like Flash and Wonder Woman, before giving them their own stand alone films.

Changes like this are required. It not only sets DC apart from Marvel, but it puts them in a position where they aren’t ripping off what Marvel did. While I saw Ant-Man two weeks ago and quite enjoyed myself, I would have to say that the MCU films are quickly feeling very stale and manufactured for me. That is precisely why it is smart for DC to set up their universe with a different approach. As it is important for Fox, Sony, ect. It helps the superhero genre last a bit longer before its eventual meltdown.

Continuing with the plethora of information released, the EMPIRE article also reveals that Batman is the one who puts the majority of the Suicide Squad in prison, a curious tactic to connect the two films and the DC universe. It’s curious in the fact that some of the members of Task Force X don’t even belong to Batman’s traditional rogue gallery. But hey, why limit Batman with only SOME villains? Let’s be honest though, I certainly do not have any interest to see Batman vs. Captain Boomerang on the big screen any time soon (Jai Courtney’s muttonchops trigger me every time I see them).


The level of intricacy is also truly appreciated, with the article mentioning that Clark activating the scout ship in Man of Steel was not just heard by General Zod, but also by Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It is quite feasible that DC will improve upon one of the chief questions detractors have with Marvel’s universe, “Why isn’t Thor helping Tony in the 3rd act of Iron Man 3?” Perhaps we will see Superman popping into The Flash and helping him out. We already have Batman showing up in Suicide Squad, hanging onto the roof of Joker’s gangster-mobile.

Overall, confidence mixed with a side of assured results is what I get out of reading this article from EMPIRE, and it does nothing but fill me with excitement for the near future. After numerous failed attempts to start a connected universe (please don’t bring up Green Lantern or Superman Returns: Emo Superman – I’ll barf), DC seems to have its feet planted firmly in the future, ready to complete with Marvel and the numerous other studios.