COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: Cosplay Gallery, Part Three

With a spring in our beleaguered feet, it was time for yet another dynamite day of frolicking fun fun fun at the San Diego Convention Center got underway.

From beginning to end there’s a lot to take in, but whether it’s at SDCC or a local venue there’s no denying that, as it stands, there are certain tent-pole features that make for a memorable event. One of those happens to be a climate featuring colorful outfits worn by creative fanboys and fangirls that practice the art cosplay.

Before we get to the image barrage, I want to first compliment everyone who sported these get-ups and to mention that this is but a small sliver of the vast amount of attendees that chose to participate this way.

And without further ado: the gallery!

Were these fine examples of cosplay?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Cosplayers SDCC 2014 Widescreen

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