COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: Cosplay Gallery, Part Four

There’s no denying that when the dust settled, the dedicated fanboys and fangirls that graced Comic-Con International in their cosplay finest absolutely rocked it.¬†From beginning to end this multiple day extravaganza oozed with pure awesomeness accentuated by these enthusiasts.

What always strikes me about them is that no matter their age, height or shape they’re ready and willing to drop everything to, borrow a phrase from Disney, “make some magic happen.”¬†Right from the moment the doors swing open these proud few are welcomed into this environment as the local shop mentality gets amplified.

There’s no judging, or at the least it’s minimal, as we all clamor to get a picture with or next to these interpretations of fondly held icons.

But that’s enough chit chat, onto the final epic gallery!

Be honest: what did you think?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

SDCC 2014 Final Moments Widescreen

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