BATMAN Will Do Anything To Get ‘ROBIN’ To Sit On His Lap

We all know that Batman has a ‘penchant’ for young boys, but we find his latest attempt into tricking them into sitting on his lap! That’s right folks this is almost as weird as when your weird uncle Fred dresses up as Santa and coerrces you into sitting on his lap…

“but Uncle Fred I know it’s you…. and it’s Easter”

“Sit down boy… heres a candy cane”

“I’m 22!!! and that’s not a candy cane you just painted your… oh god is that glitter!!!”

God knows what DC were smoking when they agreed to the below monstrosity…. just look at the “cup holders”

Seriously if you want to be a cool parent there are better ways then subtly encouraging your children to sit on the lap of a man wearing spandex… go build a tree house (for a kid that still sits in a car seat!? yeah that’s responsible parenting right there – Ed)

Hey! What’s going on under that cape…