Zombies vs Robots #4 Review

Well when people come to the Earth after being away from it for a very long time, they are met with something even more crazy. Along with that we have the young lady, with her only robot friend, but they are having some problems with other robots. Will anyone survive? Read on to find out more.

Astronauts on a dead Earth crawling with strange threats like oddly sentient zombies, robots and… Mermen! And more with The Orphan!

The last time we left the comic our Earth friends  were met with some crazy Mermen. Yes, I said that correctly, ZvsR-pg01-ab59bMermen. We learn a lot about the people under the sea and they are not happy because we may have destroyed some of the Earth when trying to defeat the zombies. It is really intense and someone may or may not be dead. Also, there are some Greek moments in it that some geeks will love. Along with that, we get some insight into the robot minds and get some eerie moments that may have some repercussions later. Finally, we see our orphan friend who had some problems the last time but now it seems they will be okay. I hope.  Overall, it is a fantastic comic book and really adds some great dynamics to it.

Chris Ryall and Steve Niles does a great job of creating three different worlds and making sure that they come to life and have enough time to spend on each one. It is also just a compelling story. It has great characters that are a lot of fun but you care about them.

Anthony Diecidue and Val Mayerik do some really great stuff with their visuals. It seems that each comic has its own style and each one is unique.

Zombies vs Robots is a great story and continues to do so.

+Three great stories intertwined +Greek GODS +A compelling story about an orphan +Stunning Visuals

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