Reading comic stories you already expect them to have a sense of creativity and a world filled with imagination. This story adds a sense of conflict without messing up where they were trying to go with the story.

We Can Never Go Home #1 is unbelievably well done. When you first grab the comic, the cover is an attention grabber and it makes you curious as to what kind of story you are about to read. The color scheme used are but two simple colors, the version I got had red and black. Simple but effective. Not to mention the title helped out as well, but that it seems a bit mysterious and eerie and that just in general made me curious about what the story was going to be about.


The storyline is prodigious and addicting. To start of it automatically grabs your attention. The characters are sarcastic, anti-social, and all of that teen angst that everyone has gone through which makes them all the more relatable. As you read along to the story you notice that there is more than meets the eye, and that every teen is hiding something whether it’s something emotional or supernatural.

The pace of the story is actually at a pretty good pace. They introduce the characters which you can automatically relate because that’s how they seem to act, or maybe we know someone like this. Not to mention that after you get to know the characters you find out what each of them are hiding and why the comic book story is finally called We Can Never Go Home. 


One of the other things I like are the characters, and how well they actually don’t work together. We’ve all had those people where you just can’t stand and somehow they end up being a great friend later on, or is that just me? These two characters don’t like each other, well, the girl doesn’t like him but he seems to be intrigued by her and knows that there is more to her than meets the eye. When they are together though you can’t help but like them both with each other. They both work well when they are not meshing, which sounds funny but not unheard of. The good thing is that they actually end up becoming even closer when something happens and they realize that they are more connected than they thought.

The thing I also like but hate at the same time is how it leaves us with a cliffhanger. Once you’re done with the story it leaves you wanting to get and read the second part.



  • +Attention Getter
  • +Characters don't like each other but it works
  • +Pace of the story is perfect
  • -Ended so quickly