The Victories #9 Review


Michael Avon Oeming‘s The Victories has been an outstanding series and I gave the last issue a 5/5. I could not wait to get into this issue and see what Oeming had in store as he left me VERY eager with the conclusion of the last issue.

Following clues left behind by the world’s most powerful superhero, Faustus is on a mission to stop the covert organization terrorizing the world. But when Lady Dragon gets in the way, the Victories suffer another loss . . . for the “greater good.”

From the writing side of things, Oeming is creating some pretty intense sci-fi in this series. The stories almost demand to be read at least twice if you intend to get any depth of understanding about the individual issue, much less the larger picture of a series. I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Hickman’s sci-fi work in comics, but I think Oeming is really starting to work his way into my subconscious with is sci-fi nerdness.

Oeming has a very distinct style and his artwork is, at least to me, instantly recognizable but it certainly can’t be labeled as simple. Oeming has full creative control with is characters as he is both the writer and penciler and he wields both parts of that power with equal craftmanship.


“Ideas can’t change things. Only power can.” We see this early on in the issue and by the issues conclusion, we’ve seen just what power can do and get a foreboding since that we are going to see it do a LOT more in the near future. I’m slightly less happy with this issue than I was expecting to be heading in, but I’ll be reading it again. This is a great issue in a line of great issues. You should all be enjoying The Victories!


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