UNCANNY #2 Review

Uncanny had a fairly solid first issue that should hook readers in time for this second comic. The series features some high octane action alongside a slight supernatural twist. This introductory comic did a great job introducing a sense of clarity and not shoving down a first issue full of plot or characters to readers. The grounded approach to this story continues to impress with this second installment. Dynamite has provided some solicitation text below that provides some context on the series,

What would you do if you had the uncanny ability to access and use the skill sets, memories, and abilities of different people around you? Andy Diggle’s new series, Uncanny, shows us just what a man can do when he puts his mind to it.

The two characters in the story thus far seem to both be down on their luck with multiple factions of people chasing them. Another great aspect of this series is that the first issue is not required to enjoy the action here. This is a book focusing on action and as a result the characters do not feel completely fleshed out in this title. This notion will hopefully fade over time as the series is just beginning to seed it’s hooks into the reader.

Also present in Uncanny is the great artwork from Aaron Campbell. The artist has a knack for the clear storytelling dominating the title. The penciller also goes with the notion to start toying with some of layouts in the book. Surprisingly this does not get in the way of the sense of motion in the title. Every unique stylistic choice is in favor of the narrative.

Uncanny delivers a strong spy thriller that will hopefully feature a heightened amount of depth going forward. Readers should purchase this title without hesitation as the fun continues in this issue.


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