Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28 Review

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Previously in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man:

  • A year after the tragic death of his mother, Miles finally puts back on the mask.
  • During his escapades with Spider-Woman he runs into a young girl named Bombshell and two teens calling themselves Cloak & Dagger.
  • After the group takes down a hitman called Taskmaster, they head off towards the Roxxon Corporation: the creators of Bombshell, Cloak, Dagger, Spider-Woman, the new Venom, and the spider that bit Miles.

Here is the summary from Marvel:

“SPIDER-MAN NO MORE” CONCLUDES The end of the first chapter of the MILES MORALES saga, Miles discovers one of the big secrets of his origin. Guest starring CLOAK AND DAGGER and SPIDER-WOMAN

Spider-Man and his amazing friends crash their way into Roxxon and confront the head of the company Mr. Roxxon.  Battles take place and secrets are brought into the limelight as Miles & company learn more about themselves and just what the future may hold for them.Ultimate_Comics_Spider-Man_Vol_2_28_Textless (1)

Brian Michael Bendis sure sends things out on the right note this issue. We finally start to see Miles truly grown into his own and the interaction between the heroes and the villains feels very natural, pushing things in the proper direction for future developments. The characters Bendis has created are nicely written: Bombshell while antagonistic at first meshes well with the group as the impatient one, the ultimate versions of Cloak & Dagger are true to their 616 counterparts but  also have a bit more attitude to them which is welcome, Miles is his usual peppy self (except when Roxxon talks about his mom), and Spider-Woman is a perfect fit for the “mom” of the impromptu team. Roxxon and his group are kind of one note bad guys, but they do say things that could be followed up on later (such as what Roxxon knows about Miles father). He even throws some comedy in there in that classic spidey fashion.

David Marquez’s pencils and Justin Ponsor’s colors are always a refreshing sight to behold and the pair continues to make Ultimate Spidey one of the best looking books on the shelf. Marquez has distanced himself from Sara Pichelli during his tenure and it really shines here. Short but sweet fight scenes, nice displays of emotion even when the characters are wearing masks, and a very triumphant page where Miles finally accepts his destiny.

Ultimate Spider-Man #28 is nice resolution to this arc of the story and sets up a lot of things to be expanded on, too bad Cataclysm is happening because I would have to see these plot points develop further. Although this ending will certainly please readers of the series.



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