TriggerGirl 6 #1 Review

Can TriggerGirl complete her assignment or will questions of her origins get in the way?

The official description from Image:

Who is the deadly assassin Triggergirl 6 and why was she sent out on a mission to kill the president of the United States? Who is behind her creation and what is their end game? All these questions are answered as this unforgettable epic is collected for the first time, with bonus sketch pages featuring the art of award-winning illustrator PHIL NOTO.

A TriggerGirl is a woman genetically engineered with no memories, she’s just “born” as an adult with only one an order in her head: kill the president. They are designed in such a way that their face cannot be captured on film, so whatever shots the media or the government have of them come out pixelated. In this specific woman’s case once she closes in on her target, important questions arise. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why was she created?

This is a Creator Owned Comic written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. There were a lot of unexpected things in this release which I enjoyed. As an animal lover, the underlying message struck a chord with me. Palmiotti and Gray each had their own reasons for wanting to write this tale and their explanations were revealed within the story. Another interesting thing I noticed was that the violence in this issue doesn’t come directly from TriggerGirl, even though she’s the most dangerous character here. Also there was no immediate resolution in the end, though the authors did close things out with hope, something every story could use.

The art was done by the talented Phil Noto. Everything he does becomes an instant classic and this is no different. I like the fact that Palmiotti and Gray had a few panels with no words as they let the illustrations speak for the scenes. The book opens with TriggerGirl in the nude, but with Noto, it’s tasteful rendition. Every shot of our protagonist pausing, thinking, or questioning comes through perfectly. He drew her in a way where she was robotic in movements in the first scenes but slowly became something more.

TriggerGirl 6 #1 is simply a narrative that needed to be shared, because sometimes people honestly need to deviate from the path we normally take. Recommended.


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