Top 5 Fanboy Christmas Decorations

It’s almost that time of the year again.  With all of my distant relatives, drunk uncles and constantly mooching cousins, descending upon my house, I’m reminded of why I only see these people once a year.   And as we exchange small talk and presents, all while eating copious amounts of holiday meats, my epic fanboy decorations kindly remind me… IT’S CHRISTMAS SEASON!

You might think this post is a bit too early, but we want to make sure you get some of these in time to decorate your home, so we have compiled our top 5 fanboy decorations to bring a little more joy to the festive season.


  Yoda Santa Hat

One of the most bizarre items on our list, who on earth thought this one up? Regardless of how strange it is it’s still 100 times better than having to wear a paper crown from a cracker again.

Available from Amazon for $12.13 and ThinkGeek for $11.99 (thought I would give you 2 options as it is inevitable that these will sellout!!!)


Star Trek Christmas Tree Lights

Each string has 10 lights that bear Kirk’s image on one side and the Star Trek logo on the other side, perfect to add a little subtle Star Trek flavour to your tree.

Available from Amazon for $18.84



Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

Okay so these aren’t strictly Christmas decorations but who doesn’t love cookies at Christmas? Now just imagine those cookies looked like Pac-Man and Ghosts rather than a mishapen “snowflake” that you are forced to pretend looks and tastes great to stop some small relative from crying because she overheard you saying that they taste like turd.

Available for $15.99 at ThinkGeek (and only £6.99 from in the UK)


Robot Santa Claus Cookie Jar

What could be better to put your freshly made Pac-Man cookies in? This fantastically awesome ceramic cookie jar also features light up LED lights (because LED lights make everything cooler!).

Available for $54.95 from Amazon



The 8-bit Christmas Wreath

Mixing a traditional Christmas decoration with some retro 80’s video game flair we think this one is absolutely superb! Oh and the gold coins light up too!

Available at ThinkGeek for only $19.99