Thor: God of Thunder #2 Review

The God of Thunder goes face to face with the God Butcher, will he be able to survive?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

With his past, present, and future at stake, Thor must hurry to uncover the grisly secrets behind the unfathomable horrors of the God Butcher—before it’s too late!

Issue 2 of Thor continues to add to the mystery of the God Butcher. With some interesting insight into Thor’s past, while also blending story and art into a dynamic yet mysterious continuation of the opening salvo of the Blonde Avenger’s introduction into the Marvel NOW! initiative.

Jason Aaron continues to add pieces into the mystery of the elusive God Butcher. Focusing on his encounter with a young, hot-headed Thor. What is interesting is that Thor has not received Mjolnir yet, instead carrying a giant axe around. This adds some character development to Thor as he wonder why he is not worthy enough to hold the hammer he is now famous for. Aaron knows where he wants Thor to be and shows us through interesting dialogue and stellar character pathos.

Esad Ribic’s pencils are amazing in this issue. The haunting and ominous environments and visuals tell the story just as well as the script itself. Nothing is out of place or jarring to look at, each drawing the eye well moving the story at an even pace. Ive Svorcina’s colors are also a nice standout in this book. The dark tones accenting really well with the story being told. The battle between Thor & The God Butcher is very satisfying to look at, these scenes alone are enough for a recommendation. Each blow being thrown by the 2 behemoths is bold and dynamic, the pencils and colors adding extra gravitas to the battle, as well as Thor’s narration during the fight.

Thor: God of Thunder continues to impress. With it’s stunning art and engaging story, this is clearly one of the standout titles to come out of the Marvel NOW! relaunch. If you aren’t reading i suggest you start now. Highly Recommended


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