The Savage Wolverine SOARS With JOCK!

 The acclaimed artist Jock is tackling the Savage Wolverine. So far the title has had some of the best art in the industry, thanks in part to Frank Cho. The penciller has a knack for drawing woman who are truly beautiful. This is is a stark contrast to the new series artist Jock who draws some of the most gritty material in comics. The new artist has depicted some of the strangest and perverse art in all of comic books. He essentially launched the career of the incredible Scott Snyder. So far the writing of the Savage Wolverine has been a hollow crock of shit; however, there is a definite way of improving it.

 The new creative guard is jumping on as of issue nine in September. The Iron Man 3 Imax film posters that he previously did have been earning the artist even more fame. The man only has a few big characters that he truly wants to work on, and Wolverine is definitely one of the few.

The evocative cinematographer has the following to say,

 “Logan has the power of regeneration as we know, but he’d only ever be able to regenerate his own cells, So what if thousands, maybe even millions of years in the future, the world around him has continued to evolve, and he’s left literally, a Neanderthal man?

“He always chose to be the outsider, but now he has no choice. He doesn’t fit in.”

Setting it in the future gives Jock a clean slate in terms of his own creativity as well as cast. When readers meet them, he says, “it’s not clear exactly how they fit into things. Yet.”

“In the universe, he’s super old, He’s seen so much more than any one person ever will: He’s traveled the entire world; he’s been to outer space and other dimensions; he probably speaks 17 languages.

“And while we have a lot of characters who are in similar situations, there’s something about his Man With No Name bearing where there’s no situation I can think of that Wolverine wouldn’t take a second, sigh, shrug and then charge right in to confront it like he was born to do just that.”

 Check back into The Savage Wolverine in September!

Source: USA