The Memory Collectors #2 Review

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The unique odyssey continues, but as another entry arrives does the concept start to lose its initial magic?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Magdalena and Edith join the mercurial Beatrice and venture forth to battle demon-vampire hordes in an attempt to confront the actual forces behind them. Amid the ensuing chaos, the models-turned-hunters pay a severe price for their perceived transgression.

The Memory Collectors 2_CAfter closing this comic book I can honestly say that this specific title has been nothing short of a quality yarn .  We’ve seen some shocking imagery, competent dialogue and a novel type of execution which then adds together in order to make something more than what people normally look to find.  In short: this is an absolutely good release that deserves a spot on your pull-list, even if it’s concept might just a bit out there.

The talented scribe, menton3, continues his saga featuring some demonically inspired enemies.  He puts forth an easy to follow story that hovers apart from the standard picks via your local shop’s racks. The first half of the script focuses in like a rudimentary piece but then transitions into a thick book like extension that fills in detail while also developing plot points.  All the while the scribe delivers empathetic interactions to support a feature that carries quite a few moving parts.  The main detriment here is the fact that some of the content feels predictable and the end was never in doubt.

The art is the most fascinating feature within this memorable package, as menton3 continues to illustrate some shockingly evocative panels.  He easily crafts gorgeous players while balancing them against some frightening creatures.  It’s that push and pull though that allows this photo-realistic interpretation to stand on its own two feet. To sum up: the pictures are easily worth the price of admission, as the body of work lifts up the text.

The Memory Collectors #3 is an excellent comic book that’s certainly different. Combine that with a strong back-up feature by Ben Murphy and Ben Templesmith, then you’ll quickly discover a release that easily earns a recommendation.



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