The Lone Ranger #7 Reveiw

The Lone Ranger is a classic name to many adults. I’ve seen a bunch of episodes from the show, good stuff. What I like about Dynamite is that they expand on properties that never had much backstory. This issue is a prime example of that. It’s part one of a new arc. And guess what? It isn’t about the Lone Ranger. While some people might say “Not about the Lone Ranger? What gives?” It’s actually about his Native American sidekick, Tonto. This issue provides some backstory longtime fans will be interested in. Even non-fans will enjoy it, thanks to the intelligent writing.

Here’s the official dexcription from Dynamite:

It’s new territory and a new arc for the Lone Ranger. With Tonto gravely wounded, the Ranger seeks help from a Ute Indian Shaman. As the Ute decide whether to offer help or simply kill Lone Ranger on the spot, we begin to learn the secrets of Tonto’s past. How did Tonto come to be the brave without a tribe who discovered John Reid after the Cavendish gang’s ambush?

This is a prime example of how to use the comic medium. Here we have some backstory with Tonto. Stuff like that had never really been touched upon in great detail before. Instead of getting a violent ‘remake’ of a classic series with strong language, we’re given a tale that compliments the original. Tonto has always been an interesting character in the show. A cowboy and his Native American partner? What’s the story? This story is expanding on his simple, not violent nature. Caring for a boy without a father, wanting peace, it’s just really great. There’s no character portrayals that are ‘off,’ everything is how it should be. It is also nice that the backstory is tied into American history, touches like that are really nice.

Like with the Green Hornet, I really like the art. It’s what I call the standard of what all comics should at least look like. People into history will also like this story. Unlike the Green Hornet, this does not feel like a superhero adventure. Maybe it does when it’s more centered on the Lone Ranger, but this arc looks to be more of a historical adventure. I don’t know about you, but I think we’re lacking some really good history-themed comics.

Overall, fans of the original show will like this comic. Tonto is a character that was always ‘there’ and this comic expands on him. Even if you’re not a fan, now’s a good time to start.


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