Superhero Themed Socks…. Now With Capes!!!

Always wanted a pair of Superman socks but always felt something was missing? Well fear not you are now in luck as 80’s Tees are now selling superhero socks with capes!

Personally I would rather wear a normal cape (and call myself Lord Megadoom) than these abominations, I mean who seriously thought that these were a good idea?

I feel like 80’s Tees should add a disclaimer to their product page for these “WARNING: wearing these socks will make you even more susceptible to a beating”. In fact I might hack into 80’s site, find their order list, hunt down everyone who  has bought a pair and layeth the smacketh down myself….or y’know kick back with a beer and watch the football tonight, definitely one of the two.


you can buy them (please don’t) at 80’s Tees or Superherostuff