Storm Dogs #4 Review

The sci fi mini-series from Image is back! Does it leave confusing territory?

Here’s the official description from Image:

What are the Wireheads? And why is a godforsaken frontier planet so important to the future of the human race? The stakes are raised as the murder team heads into the forbidden lands of the Elohi.

This series has been lacking in the action department, so I must say the opening was great. Not too many comics open with someone getting punched in the jaw. Storm Dogs is a story that tries to be something unique and deep with establishing its own expansive universe. The plot itself has been a bit messy, even remembering the names of the characters can be troubling. This issue is less muddled with some pretty interesting things throughout. At this point the story might not make much sense, at least it firmly establishes an antagonist and the peaceful Elohi.

David Hine’s writing is very strong throughout. The best scene is with the sinister hooded alien talking to the dead Elohi’s companion. This story has been lacking a villain, so it was great to see such a well-written alien antagonist. What’s also interesting is we get to see the land of the Elohi. The writing captures their peaceful way of living. They don’t use words, rather signs and stuff like that. They’ve been mentioned a lot in the previous issues, so it’s nice to see them in their native habitat.

Doug Braithwaite’s art successfully captures the peaceful land of the Elohi. I will also say that he can draw some pretty intense and gritty fight scenes. Not too sure about the cover though, it doesn’t really say anything about the story inside.

Overall, the fourth issue of Storm Dogs is one of the series’ best. The story is actually understandable with some interesting developments. The scene with the sinister alien might be the story’s finest scene. And finally we get to see what the famous Elohi are really like.


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