Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #6 Review

With this latest bit of the Star Wars saga moving forward it has to be asked: is there still enough left within the confines of the Legacy era to make this series worthwhile?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

When word comes that Sith are being sought out and murdered by another Sith, Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao want to find out why.

The only things standing in their way are the Empire, the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance, and the Imperial Knights!

The first arc concluded with a brilliant introduction of our cast and a thorough highlight of the latest Darth lord in our midst.  The creative team crafted something really special that plays up the classic tropes of an intergalactic odyssey while boldly forging ahead in some simple but brilliant ways.

Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman spin their version of a galaxy far, far away while pulling on just enough familiar aspects to sell the authenticity of this epic journey.  Ania Solo is coming along nicely, as she slowly but surely grows into herself.  The authors make sure that the subtle changes along the way don’t result in friction but rather steady development, which creates a character that audiences can easily grab hold of despite the outlandish events happening around her.  From government conspiracies to friendly departures there’s a lot to love in this script.

The art by Brian Albert Thies is soft in its detail, as the talent relies on heavy line work to convey the emotions within his panels.  I was particularly impressed with a splash page that not only showed a complicated and eerie vision of the future but also displayed the immense skill behind the visual component of this joyride.  Each player is given just enough time and effort to create a truly engaging experience that may not be perfect but it more than gets the job done.

Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #6 continues to prove that this continuation is not only a smartly crafted affair but it’s also one of the better incarnations of this aged franchise.  Highly recommended.


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