Star Wars: Legacy #7 Review

Can our heroes do anything to stop the growing threat of Darth Wredd, should you care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

After a terrible vision of Empress Fel being struck down by a Sith, Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao ignore direct orders and set out in search of the murdering Sith. It’s the right thing to do . . . but it’s also scratching their itch for adventure!

After some initial bumps in the road the story follows a dynamic duo among the stars, as they begin their quest to confront a vile and revealed Sith lord. Thanks to the hard work of the creative team what we have here is an endlessly engrossing feature that will surely please even the most critical fanboy or fangirl. Sure there are some stumbles along the way but for the most part the team succeeds in continuing their sprawling epic.

Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman work together to bring this adventure featuring the latest entry in the Solo clan to life.  Between both of their highly skilled minds they find a way to not only make a capable Star Wars yarn, but one that successfully builds upon the foundation of its volume rather than relying on the pedigree of the franchise.  That being said this issue covers quite a bit of ground, and because of that some of the innate reactions aren’t as nuanced as one might hope.  But all together, at this point, the narrative is still going very strong.

The art by Brian Albert Thies does more than simply complement the text, in fact it makes it better.  From the skies of Coruscant to the bowels of a frigihter, this talent seamlessly builds a believable interpretation of a galaxy that’s been handled by many hands over the years.  His unique skill enables a positive vision which results in a stimulating interpretation of the source material.  In short: it’s very pretty.

Star Wars: Legacy #7 continues to prove the strength of this new volume.  So grab your lightsaber and your blaster kids, it’s time to go Sith hunting.  Recommended.


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