Star Wars: Legacy #10 Review

Star Wras-Legacy Volume 2 Banner

With the conflict heating up, can our ragtag crew do anything against the present threat of the Sith?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

With a little help from her friends, Ania Solo is leading the Mon Calamari slaves to freedom . . . Don’t bother telling her the odds of anyone coming out alive against an enormous force of armed pirates!

Star Wars-Legacy 10_CThere’s a lot to love here, as this action packed issue wastes absolutely no time throwing the primary cast and their audience into the fray.  The creative team handily builds the atmosphere up in a way that screams the classic tropes of an intergalactic adventure.  Perhaps that’s what works best about this outing, the simple fact that from the first page to the final panel it feels like a genuine extension of the odyssey that we all know and grew up with.

Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman once again impress me by delivering a script that’s not that deep by any stretch of the imagination.  They simply act, in the classic sense, as the necessary leg-work to build up this conflict has already been accomplished prior to us even opening this particular comic book.  We just get to see these two gleefully throw curve palls at warriors and friends, in a way that’s sure to excite even the most seasoned fanboy or fangirl.  What works best is the twist as the end, that enrages then clarifies the prowess of the title’s main antagonist, Darth Wredd.

The art by Brian Albert Thies is equally engaging, as the seasoned talent gets to play with a lot of moving parts.  From ships to aliens, he crafts a battle with the best of them only letting a few minor facial irregularities slip past his careful eye.  To put it simply, the pictures ate stellar as they echo the traditions of the franchise while giving this illustrator enough room to build up his own unique variations and renditions.

Star Wars: Legacy #10 is exactly what I wanted for Christmas.  It’s an action packed thrill-ride that should be on your pull-list.  Highly recommended.



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