Son of Merlin #4 Review

Can Simon and Gwen escape the surprise attack from Morgana unscathed?

Official description from Image Comics:


Morgana has found the brilliant M.I.T. professor and heir to Merlin’s magic, Dr. Simon Ambrose, and will stop at nothing to seize Merlin’s power from his grasp. Simon, however, is untrained in magic and until he is better versed in casting Druid spells, he will need to rely on the safeguards Merlin planned in advance for him to flee Morgana’s wrath. But will it be enough?

I could not wait for this issue and once I read it, it did not disappoint. Where to begin? I guess I would like to put a plea out there in the universe to have this series go longer than 5 issues. Seriously, the potential is there.  I try not to put spoilers in my reviews but I can’t avoid it this time. Basically Morgana has Simon, Gwen, and Gwen’s mom cornered. A deal is struck but there is a high price to pay. From there it gets even more delicious because now Simon is in Istanbul and it gets real.

Robert Napton wrote a nail-biter of an issue. Since we are dealing with a 5 issue arc, Napton fleshes out the characters just enough to sustain us but without overwhelming us and wasting pages of the issue.  Simon, for the most part, has gotten the hang of magic, but Napton doesn’t have him continuously bumble around like an idiot. He takes care to have Simon grow in his powers at a steady and believable rate.

Artist Zid lives up to expectations as his displays talents in both the human form and action sequences. At one point he perfectly recreates a tablet and it’s extremely realistic. Electronics aside, one can appreciate the way his exhibits the use of magic in the issue.

I can’t believe we just have one more issue to go and I’m bummed about it ending soon. This issue alone was captivating in both writing and art. I highly recommend it.


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