ROB LIEFELD Is Officially Retired From Comics

Goodnight, sweet prince.

The master of drawing two left feet has officially bid adieu to the comic book industry, announcing his retirement on colleague (and Batman artist) Ethan Van Sciver’s facebook page. When EVS asked Liefeld to draw a particular scene, he responded:

Ethan, I am retired from comics but you have my blessing, it would look great if you drew it

You probably best remember Rob Liefeld from his wild 90’s illustrations for Marvel comics, specifically the X-Men. He’s responsible for the accessory boom that struck our heroes with random utility belts, extraneous pouches, and unnecessary pistols (I’m looking at you Cyclops).

While we’re not quite sure what caused this sudden departure, Sciver believes his colleague will move onto film concept art.

On behalf of all of fandom, I’d like to wish Robby a warm hearted farewell. I know a fair share of us derided your work, but you did create Deadpool, and for that we’re thankful.

Though, I’m not sure if Double D Cap feels as nostalgic.