Wolverine #5 Review

What will happen when Wolverine faces Thor? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Logan faces his most dire threat yet — with no healing factor to protect him.
• Gerardo Sandoval (CABLE & X-FORCE) joins the team of the All-New Marvel Now Smash hit!

WOLV2014005-int2-2-a19efThis one-shot allows us to get the perspective of one of Wolverine’s former allies showing how they feel about his recent change. Prior to this however the man known as Logan finally gets a tattoo, as with him no longer having a healing factor he doesn’t have to worry about it healing over and fading.

Paul Cornell‘s run has caused a huge divide when it comes to Wolverine fans, though I for one seem to be stuck in the middle seeing the positives along with the negatives. His script for this issue really interested me as though it wasn’t anything special the psychological look into Logan’s inner feelings along with the connection to Origin really appealed to me. The advertised appearance of Thor on the other hand did not. Now I get that this is a Wolverine title so hence he needs to be front and centre. I do however feel slightly mislead when a character only appears for a fraction of the issue having little to no affect.

The art on this issue is handled by Gerardo Sandova with his style working perfectly alongside the presedence that normal series artist Ryan Stegman has set. The dynamic flow that Sandova sets is truly amazing as we get a very dark and moody tone whilst Logan is in costume with the rest being somewhat lighter .There was however one small thing that I disliked about Sandova’s art and that was the side of Logan’s pointed hair. I know this is trivial but it just felt weird to me and was hard to put out of my mind. David Curiel‘s colours also help give a similar tone as having worked on the entire series so far he can utilise a consistent pallet.

Wolverine #5 is a great jumping on point being a interesting one-shot story for Wolvie. Recommended.

  • + Interesting one-shot story from Paul Cornell.
  • + Nice reference to Origin.
  • + Gerardo Sandoval art fits the precedence that Ryan Stegman has has set.
  • - Thor was barely in it.

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