Wolverine #4 Review

Why has Wolverine really turned bad? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Why did Logan leave the Jean Grey School? Your Answers are here!
• Paul Cornell (WOLVERINE) and Ryan Stegman (SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN) close off first arc of the world’s most dangerous mutant!

Wolverine #4 previewWolverine has been a very divisive series over the last couple of volumes with some loving it and many hating it. I personally have been in the middle for the most part but following this issue I’m very excited for what’s next. In this issue we learn exactly why Logan has been acting the way he has, and though the outcome is rather obvious it’s a relief to finally get some answers.

Paul Cornell has probably produced his best Wolverine script yet with this being an intriguing development for Wolverine. He gives us the final pieces of Wolverine’s transition to the dark side making everything that has happened so far much clearer. He also does a tremendous job of teasing the inevitable direction that this series is going with it being very enticing. Despite this the issue wasn’t without it’s flaws as besides giving answers the story doesn’t really move far. It is however a promising development for Cornell’s run on Wolverine and I hope it lives up to it moving forward.

Something that has never had any dispute from me has been the quality of Ryan Stegman‘s art over this series. The detail and layout is simply amazing with it adding a lot of intensity and impact to the look of this story. He also shows Wolverine’s emotions perfectly as whether it’s the puzzled look of him questioning his future or just plain rage it always comes across in a very dramatic fashion. We also get the odd graphic sequence where Logan gets physical, shedding blood in the process. To finish it all off we also get brilliant inks from Stegman, Mark Morales and Scott Hanna as well as vibrant colours from David Curiel.

The first arc of the latest Wolverine series ends on a high giving a lot of promise for the future of this series. Highly recommended.

  • + Questions answered.
  • + Intriguing development from Paul Cornell.
  • + Ryan Stegman produces art that will blow your mind!
  • - Slightly predictable at times.

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