Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #4 Review

What will happen when Turok takes the fight to the Crusaders? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

End of the first arc, by GREG PAK (Batman/Superman, Action Comics) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan)! Turok’s out of options…He’s learned how to tame some of the thunder lizards, but his tribe is in shambles and the invading dinosaurs will soon overwhelm everything he holds dear. Will Turok break a promise to himself, and delve further into the forest for help?

Turok04CovIncenLeeWe’re only four issues into the series but already one arc has passed. Over the course of the series I have really enjoyed the character building that has went into Turok as though I’d have loved more action against the Crusaders there was a lot of depth to the story. Turok does however finally get his hands on the Crusaders in what is a very intense action packed fight.

Greg Pak yet again does a tremendous on the script giving a gripping and intense conclusion to this opening arc. The tension and drama throughout really had me hooked to each and every page with the dialogue also giving some depth to the action. Pak also rounds off Turok’s origin, as we get some very interesting thought patterns from the Dinosaur Hunter shaping the man he’s to become. Despite all this I did feel that action wise the story needed an extra issue as with the added character depth there wasn’t quite as much Turok/Crusader action as I’d hoped.

Mirko Colak has really amazed me with his work over the course of this series giving some fascinating pencils and inks. The detail that he pores into every panel is something to admire as it doesn’t matter if it’s character expressions, action or scenery it all looks beautiful. Colak also does a fabulous job of adding intensity with his layouts being very powerful. Add to this the spectacular colours of Lauren Affe and we get a visually stunning product that matches the script on every level.

The first arc of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comes to an end and though a part of me feels that this arc needed an extra issue it does end on a high having me hooked for more. Highly recommended.

  • + Greg Pak's script provides a thrilling conclusion to the first arc.
  • + Mirko Colak is as stunning as ever .
  • + Turok takes on the Crusaders.
  • - The arc needed an extra issue.

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