Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #3 Review

What will Turok do with Marion and how will the English retaliate to her capture? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

As dinosaur carnage spreads across the land, Turok and Andar face an even more dangerous enemy — a fangless, scale-less monstrosity that’s more ruthless than any other creature on the planet. How will Turok face the onslaught of this new world of horror? GREG PAK (Batman/Superman) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan) bring you an amazing Turok tale you’ve NEVER experienced!

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #3 variantThe Golden Key revival has been a pure hit for me as following two cracking issues of Turok and a fantastic opening issue for Magnus: Robot Fighter I can easily see this becoming Dynamites key property. Focusing on Turok I have to say that I’ve been very impresses as though I expected a lot from this series I’m extremely glad that it’s not disappointed.

Greg Pak is a master of showing emotion and depth as if you’ve followed his career you’ll know that he tries to give as much depth to his series as possible whilst also managing to make them exciting. In Turok I feel that Pak has given his deepest story yet, with the focus and maturity of Turok adding a lot of intrigue. He also gives tremendous dialogue and character interaction with it all adding to the overall drama. Another thing that Pak is gradually showcasing is the dinosaurs and though we’ve yet to see Turok face one it’s nice to see these marvellous creatures stumbling about.

Mirko Colak‘s art has been a key factor in the overall success of this series so far, as though without Pak’s scripts there’d be no story, Colak’s art give the visual amazement that a series like this needs. His art is highly detailed with the marvellous scenery and realistic facial expressions making his work stand out. Over the last couple of issues Colak has also given us some of the most beautiful dinosaurs ever to grace comic book pages, with these creatures looking both gracious and viscous. All this along with the intense colours from Lauren Affe make Turok a series that I can easily flip through just looking at the art.

Turok continues to be an amazing series with both the script and the art being of a high standard. The cliffhanger also leaves you wanting more and thus making this an easy recommendation.

  • + Greg Pak is giving us one hell of an opening story.
  • + Highly detailed art from Mirko Colak.
  • + Amazing cliffhanger.
  • - Turok's still not fought the English.

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