Star Wars: Legacy #18 Review

Is the force strong with this one? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Ania Solo and her friends find themselves fighting alongside the Imperial Knights and the Empress herself against a legion of Sith! While the others fight for control of the galaxy, Ania fights to save her friend—Imperial Knight Jao Assam, who has been enslaved by the dark side!

Star Wars-Legacy 18_Preview PageI’ll be honest this is one comic review I just didn’t want to write. I understand the situation surrounding the ending of this franchise, but I hate when any good thing comes to a close. What makes it worse is that I believe that this team could share more with us given time. But in this galaxy far, far away all things come to an end. So by all means grab your lightsaber and find a nice quiet spot for a powerhouse conclusion that’s bound to please even the most critical fanboy or fangirl this side of the Kessel Run.

Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman handle the script as the writing duo charts a course that puts the main plot elements of this eighteen issue volume front and center. The hunt for Darth Wredd has brought our heroes to a poisoned planet and a Sith ambush! But all is not what it seems as the authors orchestrate a grand battle while nailing the final moments of what’s been an out of this world but endearing entry in the storied space opera. Once again Ania Solo is put to the test and like her ancestor she grabs her blaster and does what she can.

The final panels by Brian Albert Thies cover these pages in a simple but easy to follow succession that befits this skirmish. It’s the end of an era as this talent takes all the players and their weapons into a chaotic fray with quick but decisive pencil strokes. Our primaries fight to maintain the Galactic Triumvirate, as the colors by Jordan Boyd solidify that noble effort. It might be wishy washy to say but I was absolutely pleased with these pages especially the last shot. It perfectly ended what could have been while matching up with what is in the proper tone.

Star Wars: Legacy #18 brings its narrative path to a close but ends its intergalactic shenanigans on the right note, so what more can a dedicated fan possibly ask for? Recommended.

  • Star Wars: Legacy gets a proper send off for its second volume.
  • + Excellent script by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman.
  • + Consistent visuals that bring this epic to a close.
  • - No more adventures with Ania Solo...

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