All New Soulfire #7 Review

Is this a volume that really deserves to keep its established audience? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

It’s the final showdown as PJ finds himself facing off against his new girlfriend, Alori, for the championship! Little does he know that she’s in the employ of Abel, the mastermind who is about to make his dangerous move against Benoist – one that could be the end of Papa Bear forever!

All New Soulfired 7_Variant CoverWhat an issue! I have to say the creative team continues to push the envelope in a franchise that already stood tall with the best original content from any independent publisher. The latest round heats up, as we see characters forced into a fray where they have no choice but to stand ready against some interesting odds. The stakes are high, but don’t worry the quality of the comic is absolutely golden.

Frank Mastromauro works with J.T. Krul to realize a script that not only manages to entertain but also keeps the rest of this franchise in check. From the action in the arena to the personal toll of the previous release, there’s a lot to dig through here. Even so it’s a quick read that feels like the first half of an epic climax but it carries relevant interaction. Add in some interesting developments and the whole of this book translates to something that should be admired and purchased without delay.

The renditions handed in by V Ken Marion deserve to turn heads. When you continue a title once illustrated by the late great Michael Turner there’s a lot of weight on the visual component. And the highest compliment I can pay to this talent is that he lives up to the expected quality. And when the dynamite colors by Erick Arciniega and Valentina Pinto come into play the entire romp enjoys a look that’s magical.

All New Soulfire #7 nears perfection for me, but I know there’s room for even more improvement. With just one issue to go I honestly can’t wait to see what the creative team does to wrap this up. Highly recommended.

  • + Brilliant visuals.
  • + Stellar twists therein.
  • + Solid narrative progression.
  • + Outstanding character interaction.

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