Miniature Jesus #3 Review

The nightmare continues for Chomsky as he wrestles with his inner demons. Will he find salvation before he descends into madness?  Read on to find out.

Here’s the official description from Image Comics:

Chomsky, our recovering alcoholic, is about to find out that the constant barrage of screaming voices in his head are not ALL imaginary. Meanwhile, Jesus is facing an array of obstacles the average person walks over, but to him, being eight inches tall, they’re monoliths!

There’s no use talking about plot when you’re reviewing this title. The strange, chaotic dreamlike narrative evokes the struggle an alcoholic undergoes, but that doesn’t make this an entirely successful comic book. Reading Minature Jesus is like listening to a hundred screaming voices. Everyone is harassing, taunting, and humiliating one another. This comic is not for everyone. It’s also intensely personal and confessional, so much so that it’s difficult to comprehend, especially as Chomsky experiences and undergoes a kind of schizophrenic disassociation from himself.  Ted McKeever does a good job of rendering Chomsky’s guilt and inner suffering in a way that is reminiscent of Kafka and Bukowski.  Minature Jesus reads more like poetry than fiction.

Fortunately, I continue to enjoy McKeever’s art enough to keep reading, but I’m not invested in the story or the characters.  McKeever’s unique artistic style can only take this series so far. His art reminds me of Sam Keith’s work on The Maxx, especially the way he draws the hulking, muscular demon creature in the second part of the issue. Even if you don’t plan to read this comic you should browse an issue at your shop. McKeever’s art is like nothing else being published today.

After three issues, Minature Jesus still hasn’t answered any questions. In fact, it has become more confusing. It’s certainly different and original, but unless something meaningful happens next issue, which unifies the two strands of the stories–the quest of Minature Jesus and Chomsky– then I’m calling this series a failure.  If you’re sick of reading about superheroes and want to read a comic that makes you think, you might want to check this out. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.


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