Lola XOXO #6 Review

Is this a proper finish? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Aspen’s newest hit series reaches its gripping finale!

The pulse-pounding ending to volume one begins here! The Wasteland Trading Company and the merciless Carnies square off in a battle that is a long time coming. However, the results of this fierce bloodbath could put Lola’s fate—as well as her life—in jeopardy!

One of 2014’s most exciting debuts reaches its stunning conclusion, and LOLA XOXO will take you on an incredible adventure unlike any other!

Lola XOXO 6_Variant CoverThe first five issues of this series have been memorable. From the design sense to the western motif there’s a lot to admire, and as the creative force behind it tries to bring this first arc to a close there were a few rushed sequences. But even so the lead in for the next mini was strong enough to get me invested.

Siya Oum pens the script and I have to say the author wraps it all up in a rather neat bow. Everything that’s been built up comes to a convergence but I can’t help but feel like it all happened far too quickly. I wanted more time to mourn the loss of allies and enemies alike but in the end the action earned the spotlight. But take heart fanboys and fangirls, for Lola XOXO still goes out on a good note that’s worthy of a purchase.

Whatever shortcoming I might see with the narrative progression let it be known that the visuals more then make up for them. Siya Oum dazzles with a striking display that feels wholly original and timely. And because of that the audience is treated to an intricate but deliberate body of work that’s bound to impress even the most discerning eye. In other words: enjoy the pretty pictures from the first page to the final panel.

Lola XOXO #6 is a solid conclusion that does more then enough right in my book to earn praise and recognition. For that reason, and the five other issues we’ve invested in, the finale does indeed earn a recommendation.

  • + Amazing art!
  • + Still has a sturdy cast.
  • + Lola does what she needs to.
  • - The plot escalates a bit too quickly...

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