Umbral #8 Review

How will Rascal and the gang get out of their current predicament? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“WHAT WHISPERS IN A WODE” What indeed! But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough — after some sword-fighting, horse-stealing, spooky-forestriding, soldier-tracking, nightmare-enduring, and corpsefinding, of course! Also: a teensy bit of Mistwalker. See how nice we are to you?

Umbral #8 previewDespite lacking in pace, and overall energy, last issue proved a brilliant opening to the second arc of Umbral. Following it’s gripping cliffhanger, this issue sees Rascal and the gang enter an problematic scenario, delivering some explosive sequences. The issue then goes on to show Rascal and the gang’s decision surrounding where to go next, as the Redguard hunt them down.

Antony Johnston has been doing a wonderful job of building this world, with Rascal’s journey over the course of this series being very enthralling, all be it unpredictable. In this issue Johnston does a fabulous job of injecting the energy that the last issue was missing, giving some very strange and weird developments. He also gives us some intense sequences, with Dalone’s nightmare putting them on a completely new course of action.

Christopher Mitten never fails to impress with his wonderful artwork, giving a rough yet beautiful look to this fantasy world. Ranging from intense action, to dynamic layouts, Mitten manages to astonish in so many areas, with there being very little to dislike. His work on the Umbral themselves also remains as captivating as ever, giving the harsh tones that this dark fantasy needs. Mitten is also joined by colourist Jordan Boyd, with his lavish palette providing the perfect finish to Mitten’s art.

Umbral gets even more exciting, with the explosive action, and mysterious developments making it a must read for fantasy fans. Highly recommended.

  • + Explosive action to kick things off.
  • + Questionable decisions from Dalone.
  • + Beautiful art from Christopher Mitten.
  • - Lost momentum during the middle.

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