Umbral #10 Review

What will happen when Rascal and Dalone enter Tolgleam? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“THERE, IN THE GLEAMING…” Rascal gets in trouble. So what else is new? …Well, the Mistwalker finally lives up to its name, Dalone finds something that shouldn’t exist in the darkness, and you won’t believe who’s in the cage. Stick that in your Oculus and smoke it.

Umbral10_Page1Umbral‘s second arc has certainly given us a much more intense tale, as despite feeling a little detached in the early moments, it has built into something very thrilling. These last couple of issues however have taken this even further, with the introduction of the Wodelings, and Rascal’s journey’s to the Umbral giving some amazing moments.

The thing that impresses me most about Antony Johnston‘s script for this issue is the way that he manages to show some form of mistrust between Rascal and Dalone, and the Wodelings, as despite the charmful interaction between Rascal and Jomes there was obviously some tension. Johnson also manages to build on other character relationships, with the one between Rascal and Dalone itself having some interesting moments. In addition to this we also get a glimpse at the darker side of this arc, with the Umbral becoming more menacing.

The artwork on this series gets better with each passing issue, as Christopher Mitten yet again delivers some astonishing visuals. The way the artist manages to capture the raw emotions of the characters, along with the amazing setting really catches the eye, with Tolgleam giving a fresh new world for our characters to explore. Jordan Boyd‘s painted colours also continue to give extra depth to the series, with the mixture of rich purples, and calm greens giving a balanced texture to this series.

Umbral has certainly upped its game, as though it’s always been an amazing series, this second arc has certainly been something worth following. This is no different here, with both the events, and final development bound to leave you wanting more. Highly recommended.

  • + Brilliant balance in tone.
  • + Christopher Mitten excels in this world.
  • + Rascal shows some strong emotions in this issue.
  • - A couple of characters are missing.

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