Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #9 Review

What will happen when Turok travels to England? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

All-new arc, the perfect jumping-on point! Turok heads to England, meets Robin Hood, gets swept up in an out-of-control struggle for power, and starts to learn why dinosaurs still exist… and what that has to do with asteroids and falling in love. (Seriously. That all happens in this issue.)

Turok09CovLeeTurok: Dinosaur Hunter enters its third arc, setting up yet another wonderful premise. Following his trip to find his parents people, Turok returns to his own, with them deciding to join the English on their return trip to England. In an issue that sees a brief appearance of King John, as well as teasing an appearance from Robin Hood, this new arc certainly looks as if it’ll be as good as the rest.

Greg Pak is joined by Colder writer Paul Tobin for this issue, with the duo giving a very enticing premise to the new arc. Though it lacks the general energy and pace that the other issues have had, this is all to set-up the upcoming events, and if things mirror the second arc it will prove worth it in the long run. What really captured my interest with this issue however was the addition of King John, with the prospect of seeing Turok and Robin Hood meet one another having this fanboy extremely excited.

The artwork on this issue was split between three artists, with Lee Ferguson, Ruairi Coleman and Stephen Downey all contributing to the final product. Though I usually hate multiple artists on the same issue, I have to say that this wasn’t the case here, as though the art wasn’t quite perfect, it was hard to tell the difference between each artist. One thing that didn’t appeal to me however was how much Turok was enjoying his trip to England, as given his personality through the series so far it felt a little out of character. The colours were also as radiant as ever with Luigi Anderson giving some bold, vivid tones.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter takes a new direction, with the new arc seeing him head to England. Despite being a little slow than usual, the issue set-up a wonderful premise for this arc, coming highly recommended.

  • + Brilliant art from Ferguson, Coleman and Downey.
  • + Paul Tobin joins Greg Pak to set-up an intriguing tale.
  • + King John has some deadly plans.
  • - A little slower than usual.

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