Solar: Man of the Atom #5 Review

Will this second arc prove as enticing as the first? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Part 1 of New Story Arc! Ok, so 1) Erica’s got ALL the Solar powers. 2) Erica doesn’t know how to USE the Solar powers. 3) Erica’s dad keeps bugging her about HOW to use the Solar powers. 4) Erica’s lost waaaaaay the hell out in space BECAUSE of the Solar powers, and 5) Pretty much every alien ever wants to catch Erica and STEAL the Solar powers. Things are gonna blow UP. Welcome to the most bats&%t insane lost-in-space story EVER by FRANK BARBIERE (Five Ghosts) and new artist JONATHAN LAU (Codename: Action)!

Solar05CovSubscriptLauSolar: Man of the Atom enters it’s second arc, and I can’t help but question why it’s not changed it’s title to Solar: Woman of the Atom. Yes, Phil still acts as a key feature in the series, but since his powers transferred to daughter Erica, she has been the featured character of this title, and deserves the title itself to reflect this.

Rant aside, writer Frank Barbiere continues to inject freshness into Solar, taking the father and daughter duo into outer space. This bold decision to go where next to every superhero has gone before really excited me, with the interaction with an alien race being thoroughly gripping. It was however still the chemistry between Phil and Erica that interested me the most, with the dialogue from Barbiere being very dramatic.

New artist Jonathan Lau handles his first full issue on Solar: Man of the Atom, and following a brief but impressive stint in last issue, I was eager to see how he’d handle a full issue. His neat, detailed artwork really stands out, with the beautiful alien scenery being truly captivating. Mix this with the energetic layout, and intense character expressions, and you get a very dramatic look to this tale. What impresses most about Lau’s art however is the new costume that Erica dons, with the colours of Luigi Anderson giving a very dark and powerful tone to the issue.

Solar: Man of the Atom goes galactic, with this new direction and new artist taking the series to new heights. Highly recommended.

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