Indestructible #6 Review

Six issues in: does this new property remain relevant? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Greg’s warm welcome into the fraternity of superheroes is a process that –like Rush Week — results in a wicked hangover and foggy memories. While raising a glass to morality, Greg struggles to conceal three bodies in plain sight — one his bare-ass own. Meanwhile, a new super villain puts his first phase of terror in motion. And Barry… well… remains Barry.

Indestruct 6_Preview PageWhen it comes to this particular franchise there’s a lot of positives in a book that blends slacker shenanigans with the glitz and glamor of superhero celebrity. And somewhere between those two dynamics is where the creative team attacks the material to ensure and deliver an outstanding comic book experience.

Ken Kristensen works within the world created by Jeff Kline in order to realize yet another endlessly entertaining entry. The author grabs the attention of his audience by taking our main character and thrusting him into the lighter side of the superhero club. From shots to a photo shoot there’s plenty to love within the confines of these pages. And for as much comedy as there is the key thing here is the fact that Greg Pincus maintains a solid core. He may be allowing the world to continue to think that he’s indestructible but there’s a layer of humanity about him that makes the circumstances relatable.

Continuing his artistic stint Giancarlo Caracuzzo turns in a capable job that yields solid renditions. The talent’s take on the characters and the world they inhabit fits within the confines of the text but there were a few moments where some of the illustrations looked a tad bit off. Facial expressions turned out to be a wee bit shaky but the colors by Flavia Caracuzzo complemented them enough to smooth out a decent transition. In short: the visuals were good enough to fit the narrative at play.

Indestructible #6 is an outing that plays it a bit safe with story progression. The comedy is there, the characters remain relevant and the title itself comes recommended.

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