Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #33 Review

Should you wonder about buying this issue? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:


With the White Rabbit uncovering the secrets hidden deep within Wonderland, Calie and Dark Cheshire go on a mountain quest to find the secretive Antipathies. This tri-entity, sickened by the madness that has long infected Wonderland, guards a secret to the Realm’s very existence. Elsewhere, a squire to Wonderland’s fallen Realm Knights tracks down the Terror and faces his waking nightmares.

GFT Wonderland 33_Preview PageWhat happens to work within this comic is the fact that the talented creative team behind it presents a start that actually feels like it builds off of its history while embracing the possibility of fresh eyes. “The Well of Dreams” kicks off with aspects in play that are bound to resonate with both followers and newcomers.

Whether you’ve been following this mad side of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe or not this is a perfect place to jump into the fray. The Liddle family has been through a tremendous amount and Erica J. Heflin plays up that fact by presenting Calie in a slightly vulnerable state only to send the White Queen on a harrowing journey. Excitement abounds as the plot thickens for Wonderland, while the mystery surrounding the Antipahties continues to grow. And when all was said and done my fanboys and fangils I sat there smiling with literally no complaints about what I just read.

On the visual Manuel Preitano delivers some marvelous work that’s bound to get people excited. Each page pulsates with personality as the talent’s pencil strokes ebb and flow with the intent of the written word. This is exactly what high quality visuals should look like, as just enough detail enters the eye but never overburdens it with too much information. Add in the colors by Leonardo Paciarotti and the whole of the yarn stands tall with some very pretty pictures to boot.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #33 is a good release to start with that just so happens to offer up a welcome mat to anyone who might be ready. Highly recommended.

  • + Calie  journeys further into the realm of Wonderland.
  • + Erica J. Helflin nails a study start for this plot.
  • + Had an absolutely brilliant opening scene.
  • + Engaging art by Manuel Preitano.

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