Grimm Fairy Tales presents Tales from Oz #5 Review

Beyond the Realm War do fans really need to add this to their collection? Read on to find out.

The official description form Zenescope:

The Emerald Council forces Glinda to take on an apprentice! But when presented with a plethora of eager magical candidates at Oz’s renowned Abraxas Academy, why does the most powerful witch in Oz set her eye on the sharp-tongued underachiever, Adraste?

GFT Tales from Oz 5_Variant CoverI’m going to admit that when it comes to the Grimm Fairy Tales universe there are just some stories that never resonated with me. But for some reason since the company attacked this narrative, I’ve been enamored with the realm. So as you can imagine this latest volume that seeks to explore it in more depth is absolutely up my alley and in this release the creative team delivers a rousing success.

Joe Brusha and Kristin Massey work with script writer Jeff Massey to bring to life a heartfelt entry with just enough parody to make its antics that much more digestible. What we get here is an explanation of sorts as to how Adraste became the apprentice of Glinda Southron. But while the author gives us an outing that resonates with a sharply written and smartly flowing text, he also takes the time to drop familiar genre archetypes along the way. The end result is an entertaining comic with a sturdy conclusion to boot.

I think what really struck me is how Jay Defoy effortlessly realized these characters and their land of Oz. Each page is masterfully rendered with consistent pencil strokes that understands the antics within, as the talent never over emphasizes with too much detail. The whole of the work was just enchanting, especially when the colors by Bryan Valenza come into play. To sum up: this is a visual treat.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Tales from Oz #5 is one entry that all fans need to have. It’s fun and familiar but it also knows its own limitations. Which believe me results in what can readily be described as a highly recommended book, so by all means add this to your pull-list.

  • + Had a top notch script.
  • + Brilliant visuals throughout.
  • + Carried some sturdy genre jokes.
  • + Provided another excuse to visit Oz.

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