Grimm Fairy Tales presents Neverland: Age of Darkness #2 Review

Is this one adventure book that you need to buy? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

After escaping the Dark Horde ambush in Manhattan by using a portal to Neverland, Cross and Wendy re-team with their old ally Tinker Belle, they soon discover that the Horde has been launching attacks on civilian targets in a campaign of terror. As they prepare to stop the latest attack, little do they know they are walking into the nest of one of the Horde’s deadliest commanders.

GFT Neverland-Age of Darkness 2_Preview PageWhen it comes to the legend of Peter Pan and his additional cast a lot of creative people have interpreted it as they see fit. Call me biased but I’ve always found this version to be by and far the best. Add in a striking creative team at its back and the latest trek to the legendary realm continues its promising start.

The second act of this return brings three characters back to Neverland with a noticeably quickened pace. Joe Brusha works with script writer Dan Wickline to see things through in this latest yarn. After a year of being a Realm Knight, Nathan Cross, continues to be a brave and brash individual but it’s the actions of Wendy that capture the imagination as she resolves last month’s cliffhanger. The dialogue is solid, the banter is timely but comedic and the threat they face is serious enough to get fan and my attention.

The visual component uses a soft but detailed approach championed by talent Luca Claretti. It’s a fitting display that easily shows off the muscles and additional assets fans have become accustomed to. Add in the colors delivered by Renato Guerra and you have a pleasing body of work. There’s a specific set of panels dealing with an ogre that perfectly highlights the skill of this illustrative team.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Neverland: Age of Darkness #2 is a fitting continuation that plays with the accepted tropes while building up the currently running narrative. It’s not a book that’s going to set the universe on fire but it’s quality that comes recommended.

  • + Carries art that's absolutely stellar!
  • + The script is full of personality!
  • +  It's a solid excuse to return to Neverland!
  • - Overall arc feels a bit thin...

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