EGOs #3 Review

After three issues does this new franchise do enough to deserve a dedicated following? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The first storyline concludes! The all-new EGOs unite to take down Masse, who’s about to devour four inhabited planets. At stake: eight billion lives, the team itself, and oh yeah: their leader’s marriage. Whether you’re a True Believer or a Godless Communist, you must read “The Tadpole and the Sword!”

EGOs 3_Previe Page 1What we have in our hands is a slightly heavy handed but compelling opus that perfectly suits the formation of a new team. We see the flaws of its members, but the creative team finds a way to make them likable, even if the ultimate resolution of this opening arc feels a bit too clean. That said these are some interesting ideas that absolutely deserve to find an audience.

Stuart Moore pens the script and the author has a firm grasp on this varied cast. The nature of this outing is over the top but it’s the human interactions, especially between Pixel and Deuce, that really sell what we’re sifting through. It’d be easy to get lost in the interplay but the scribe knows exactly how to tailor each situation to maintain the human elements in this setting. The one real negative I found is that the confrontation between the EGOs and Masse just feels rather rushed with an overly clean break.

The visuals side of things are left in the hands of the capable talent Gus Storms. Whether the illustrator is called on to tackle space battles or a spat between a husband and wife he brings his own brand of sensibilities to these festivities. I’m not ready to call the display thoroughly engrossing since there were times where it felt off, but somehow his steady hand drew me in. Maybe it’s the chosen color palette, but there’s an innate factor that propels this component toward some lofty levels.

EGOs #3 is a very good comic that might not raise the bar for superheroes or sci-fi but it does offer a quality romp that comes recommended.

  • + The team comes together to face Masse.
  • + The script by Stuart Moore is entertaining.
  • + From the cover to the pages: Gus Storms rocks!
  • - Ending feels too quick and clean.

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