The Bounce #12 Review

Does the latest issue manage to live up to the momentum gained from #11? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

GET READY FOR THE END OF THE WORLD! Nothing you’ve seen so far could prepare you for the event that occurs in this issue! And the Bounce is at ground zero! After this, NOTHING will ever be the same! BUY IT AND LOVE IT!

The Bounce 12_Preview PageThrough the steady and consistent work of the creative team this concept, as out of this world as it is, finds some semblance of solid ground in this outing. And that right there is where this comic shines through even as the players involved rise up and reach for a conclusion that feels so far beyond the pale of what we’d normally accept. In short: this is a release that might be difficult to grasp but it manages to deliver on its premise.

Even so the scribe does a marvelous taking the main characters and thrusting them into a necessary intersection. Joe Casey pens the script and for the Bounce it’s time to face the fabric of two realities, as our’s stands infected by additional elements. If this was a greater universe with sister titles at its back the endgame might feel more impactful, but as it is the author still strikes a cord. I’m not going to lie, there were moments where I had to stop and think but the payoff is more than worthwhile as a new age begins.

David Messina handles the bulk of the artwork and once again the illustrative master gives us a vastly detailed display with some complicated panels to boot. On top of that there’s a series of pages done by Sonia Harris that are without a doubt beautiful, so much so that I don’t want to spoil them. And finally the colorist, Claudia Scarletgothica, completes the ¬†package with a dynamic vision that suits this unique comic book.

The Bounce #12¬†is a fitting conclusion that will blow a few minds along the way. Trust the official description because it doesn’t lie as this release comes recommended.

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