The Blood Queen #6 Review

Is this end? Or the beginning of something more? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:


Final Issue! You knew it was coming. A decision is going to be made. Kingdoms will be shattered. Revelations are at hand. And for Elizabeth, could it be time to assume a crown? Everything changes in a moment in a tale that we could only call . . . REBORN. It’s the most shocking issue yet for the series that SciFiPulse calls “bloody magnificent”.

Blood Queen 6_Variant CoverThe most frustrating thing about this outing is how good it was. From the first page to the final panel the creative team charts an easy to follow course where we see the rise of our powerful Blood Queen followed quickly by a succession of events where players seem unavoidably tangled in her web. And even as the narrative heads toward its concluding moments we see something with no true ending, but maddening possibilities.

Troy Brownfield uses Lady Elizabeth to further explore this realm of might and magic. She’s come a long way from her roots to dwell in a den of wolves that, in hindsight, she’s tailored to takeover. And as her ultimate designs start to come to fruition eager followers are gifted a glimpse of her power as she steps up and takes what she sees as hers. It’s a quick text that does what it needs to do but one that also leaves far too many doors open.

The art by Fritz Casas continues to be a bright spot in this comic book’s legacy. From instances of fantasy to simple conversation pieces, the talent delivers the right amount of detail in order to convey personality and resonance. Each panel is afforded an additional layer of splendor, courtesy of the colors by Kirsty Swan. In short: there are plenty of pretty pictures to flip through.

The Blood Queen #6 is the finale for this volume, but I hope that we’ll see a sequel at some point down the road because there just was not enough closure. Still as it is it does enough right to come recommended.

  • + Sturdy visuals.
  • + Had a thrilling pace.
  • + We finally see the Blood Queen.
  • - Not enough closure for this comic...

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