Blood Brothers is a curious title for more than a few reasons. the first of which being the fact that, I have no idea where this title is going. The premise delivered in the description text of the issue offers a dynamic that is only slightly hinted at in the first installment.

Nick and Tree have smoked opium with Genghis Khan, had orgies in Michelangelo’s studio, and even fronted a death metal band. But after a century of friendship, these inseparable vampire buddies are on the verge of splitting up. Terrible timing, as an apocalypse-obsessed villain is plotting an end to humanity.

Best friends . . . forever.

The comic book has a strange tone as it seems a bit too silly in this first issue. The title Flashes to other silly moments, and funny lines of dialogue that are executed very well. The deception towards each character is shown, however they come out of this issue still enjoying the company of one another. While the throwaway gags are slightly amusing, they do not have much to offer to the story at large. If this series gets more serious in tone, it is a wonder if the quality will go up or down.

The best part about this title is by far the art by Evan Shaner. At times this style can seem a bit too similar to master penciller/inker Chris Samnee. Hopefully the artist will continue to evolve with the textures, characters, and line work to deliver something truly unique. One thing that the artist does as a penciller which makes him unique is the way that he flirts with darker shades. This is one aspect where the artist seems to go all out, and is truly inspired. Even if the artist is developing a new style the material presented here is still stunning to look at. Another addition to the already curious pencil work is that Shaner also inks the title.

Blood Brothers offers a slightly above average first issue with some beautiful artwork. Readers interested in a tale about Vampires skewing slightly more comical should take a look. Others should take a wait and see approach.


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