Review: Deadworld: Restoration #2


So what is going on Deadworld? Read on to find out.

“Dan makes a prisoner of Deake, the crazed lunatic who claims he unleashed the supernatural holocaust, while Bowker is forced to come to Moloch for a trade as the Dead Killer hunts for the flesh-peeling creature known as Mosaic.”

Okay, so I really enjoyed the first issue of this comic because it was something that I have never really read or taken the time to read. IDWResto02-cover-e1388562118349 really do enjoy finding out about new things but, overall, this is a great story that I have come to really enjoy. So the issue goes like this, The Zombie Kind is not happy with what is going on. First off, someone is killing all of his precious Zombies and he is not happy with that. It’s opens up a new mystery because we are not quite sure who is having these people kill the zombies. So that is something that is kind of neat. Trust me you will like the answers. Then you find out about Deake, who has something that the Zombie King wants and let me tell you that it is something that could really change the world and make a new plan. I mean it really is something that is honestly a game changer. I really liked the twist that happened. Overall, great and interesting issue.

The story is turning out to be something pretty special. I mean it really is spot on and knows when to change past and add something new and fresh to the story. I mean it was just something that was literally the coolest thing that I have read in comics lately so that is nice. I also like the take on the whole Zombie genre. It’s not traditional in any sense of the word. It is very chill and relaxing. I like it alot.

The art is spot on. It’s dark and edgy and know exactly what it is doing. I really enjoy that part of.

Overall, I give it a 5 out of 5.



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