PROFESSOR ZOOM Returns on New Issue of THE FLASH

It’s a good time to be a fan of The Flash. Between a hit TV series, a movie in the works, and one of the better titles of DC Comics’ New 52 run (it’s one of the few I actually read), how can it get any better? I’d say by having one of the Scarlet Speedster’s greatest enemies make an epic return! Well that’s apparently happening too…


Eobard Thawne, known to comic fans as Professor Zoom, is making his first appearance in DC Comics since Flashpoint, where he was killed, and was believed that he would never return. But since we all know death in comics doesn’t last forever, it was only a matter of time before he came back to torment Barry Allen. Appearing at the end of The Flash #40, he will return in full form in next month’s issue, right after The Flash has finished deal with an alternate (and murdering) version of himself from the future. Life truly doesn’t slow down for this character.

Thawne’s return to comics also comes with a new look. His costume now has a noticeable amount of black in it, no doubt to look more like the costume Tom Cavanagh wore on The Flash TV series. With every major hero and villain at DC getting new looks (Cyborg’s look is the most impressive so far), this doesn’t really shock me. What does shock me is that Thawne won’t be attacking The Flash alone. A sneak peek released today showed that the Professor has assembled a team of ‘students’ to attack his nemesis with. I’m not sure of their origins yet, but I’m already thinking “Flash Revenge Sqaud” as a name for them.



For those unaware, a new Reverse Flash was created specifically for the New 52. This one was Daniel West, Iris West’s estranged brother turned small-time thug. Through an accident that can only happen in comic books, he crashed into a stolen monorail car, which was powered by a Speed Force battery. The accident imbued him with speed powers and the ability to turn back time, making him a literal Reverse Flash. He was eventually defeated and cut off from the Speed Force, but recent issues have shown him getting his powers back in the future. There’s no official word yet if whether he will face off against Professor Zoom, but I wouldn’t expect someone like Thawne to let someone else take his title, at least not without an ulterior motive.

Be sure to catch Eobard Thawne’s return in The Flash #41 when it hits comic shops on June 24th!

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