Preview of “Avengers Origins: Thor #1”

Following up on this summer’s top superhero flick, Marvel has unveiled its new Avengers tie-in, “Avengers Origins: Thor”. The series will cast a new light on Thor’s early life as the crowned prince of Asgard. While the book is sure to be a well crafted piece of Marvel literature, it definitely seems like it will revisit some already well-trodden material, especially considering its similarities with Goldilocks’s other massively successful mini-series “Thor: Son of Asgard.

Written by Kathryn Immonen and illustrated b Al Barrionuevo, check out “Avengers Orgins: Thor #1” when it drops in comic shops November 30th.

With this book, Marvel is definitely milking The Avengers franchise for all that it’s worth. Taking that into account, it’d be easy to dismiss “Avengers Origins: Thor” as another lackluster entry in Marvel’s already deteriorating offerings… but I’ll remain hopeful.

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