Perhapsanauts: Danger Down Under 5 Review

Monsters, demons, and supernatural beings do battle in the exciting conclusion to Perhapsanauts: Danger Down Under. How does this issue live up to the rest of the series? Read on to find out.

Here’s the official description from Image:

The Incredible Finale!! It all comes Crashing together here! The stunning Conclusion that just wrecks the place! We’ve been building to this climax for 5 issues and you WON’T be disappointed! Also, look at those freakin’ variant covers!!!Plus, a startling epilogue that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!  Be there!

For anyone that’s new to this comic, the Perhapsanauts are a team of paranormal investigators who work for the top-secret government agency, Bedlam. The Australian team consists of the psychic Arisa,the ghost Molly, the inter-dimenisional jumper MG, a Chupacabra named Choopie, and the sasquatch, Big.

So much is going on in this issue that it’s a little chaotic and difficult to follow, especially for someone who is new to this book. It’s essentially one big fight scene between the Perhapsanauts and inter-dimensional monsters. It’s the same final show down you’ve seen a million times in other comics, but the creative team of Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau manage to make it unique.  One of the strengths of this series is Degazo’s verbose narrative style, which is funny and quite entertaining. He’s not afraid to address the reader directly.

As much as I enjoyed the writing, Craig Rousseau’s art steals the show. Rousseau is a master at drawing cartoony monsters. Even though the fight scene jumps around between several different locations I will stay able to follow the action, thanks to his strong panel layouts.  Rousseau’s art perfectly complements the tone of the story.

Perhapanauts Danger Down Under 5 is an exciting and satisfying conclusion, which pulls no punches. If you’re a fan of Hellboy or B.P.R.D. you should give this issue a try, or wait a few months for the trade.


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