AWESOME New X-Men Posters Revealed for Days Of Future Past

We have some new X-Men Days Of Future Past posters, because all of the insane information revealed at Comic-Con was not enough for this movie. Every living soul must be aware of it’s existence including animals. There is so much massive marketing for the title that if an Animal were to sit next to you at the theater do not be fucking surprised, just pet the damn thing and grin! These two brand new posters feature some big characters spanning across two franchises, proving that this may damn well be the biggest movie ever. Magneto and Professor Xavier are both given the spotlight played by each of their respective actors in the movies. The parallels between the past and the present will hopefully be played up in the movie well. Director Bryan Singer also continues to tease everything from the  daily exploits of Sir Ian McKellan, to false news featuring Lady Gaga as the Dazzler.

While you continue to anticipate the movie with the rest of this website, feast your eyes on these kick ass posters,

Damn is that good, but wait there is more!

The  teases toward the movie will have to continue for quite sometime, as the film will not be out until 2014. Until then make sure to enjoy the site to the fullest, as the we will have all the latest news on the project up to release.

Source: IGN