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DC Comics recently announced the return of Robin in Batman and… #33 in July 2014, bringing the title back to the original Batman and Robin moniker. An accompanying one-shot titled Robin Rises: Omega was also announced to written by Batman and… scribe, Peter J. Tomasi and drawn by Damian Wayne co-creator, Andy Kubert.


Robin Rises: Omega #1 Cover Art.

Following the tragic death of Damian Wayne last year, the last person to carry the mantle of Robin, comic book fandom has been living in a state of Robin-less limbo where no one really understands what’s going on, who they are anymore, or what they are doing with their lives.

As this is the biggest piece of news since Brian Singer’s sexual assault lawsuit scandal, Unleash The Fanboy has decided to send our best reporting team to get some “people on the street” statements from people walking around outside the Unleash The Fanboy offices.

Noticing our “Robin” t-shirts before even approaching her, Fatima Bastaki, who claims that all her friends and loved ones call her “Robin”, ecstatically said “Did you hear? Robin’s coming back!”

Catching our team off-guard, she continued to talk about how she thinks “it might be Stephanie Brown since she is appearing in Batman: Eternal, but then that wouldn’t make much sense since Steph is in her Spoiler persona in Eternal. Hmmm,”

Robin unmasked.

Robin unmasked.

Hmmm indeed, Robin. Presently it is unclear who the new Robin is, whether it is a Damian Wayne back from the dead or a new original character or the return of Tim Drake to the Robin identity.

Another innocent bystander said that they did not even care that Robin died. Our team was so appalled by this nameless bystander’s cold indifference, likening the bystander’s attitude to “not caring about the death of Martin Luther King or John F. Kenndey or even Abraham Lincoln.”

Since Damian’s death the critically-acclaimed Batman and Robin titled was changed to Batman and… featuring other characters in the role alongside Batman, from Red Robin to Nightwing to Catwoman to Two Face. During this time, Batman has been searching for the body of his dead son in the hopes of reviving him, (because reviving dead Robins always works out perfectly.)


According to Tomasi’s interview with LATimes Hero Complex, DC Comics is “most definitely bringing back a Robin for Batman’s 75th anniversary.”

However, as usual, DC Comics has to find some way to make something “reverberate within the DCU” as evidenced by the fact that the Justice League is featured on the cover of Batman and Robin #33. The story will actually involve Apokolips, the fiery planet under the rule of Darkseid, with an artifact known as the “Chaos Shard” playing a major part in the story.

Robin Rises: Omega will be 38 pages long, leading directly into Batman and Robin #33 and will be released July 2014.

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Batman and Robin #33 Cover Art

Batman and Robin #33 Cover Art