My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Micro Comic Series Coming, Plus New Photo and Clip of Saturday’s Episode

Unless you’ve been out of the loop, you would know that this Wednesday sees the release of the highly anticipated Friendship is Magic comic series. Along with this Ongoing, (stay tuned tomorrow for my review of Issue #1!) February sees the release of the Micro-Series. IDW did the same thing with TMNT, each issue focuses on a main character, and in this case each story will focus on one of the Mane 6. The first one is of course a Twilight story, check out the official description below. (It’s already up for pre-order here.)

 Introducing the first of six spotlights focusing on everyone’s favorite Ponies! Twilight Sparkle becomes enthralled in a literary masterpiece. Dismayed to hear the series never continued, Twilight goes on a quest to hunt down the reclusive author, Jade Singer. It will take all of the studious Pony’s detective skill to find the author, and twists and turns abound! Don’t miss this adventure in imagination!

And coming from USA Today is a new image and clip of Saturday’s episode, featuring the return of Trixie. That clip can be viewed here.