Mr. Peabody & Sherman #4 Review


Mr. Peabody uses the WABAC Machine to travel to 1601 to get Sherman a first-hand lesson in love from the Bard himself but when his words aren’t flowing as smoothly as expected, Mr. Peabody knows just the remedy. Then it’s off to France to complete Sherman’s education with a lesson from Cyrano de Bergerac himself!

official description from IDW:

All through history, love is in the air! At least, if Mister Peabody and Sherman can cure Shakespeare’s writer’s block and don’t mention Cyrano’s nose, that is. And if not… well, it’s a good thing Mister Peabody is a handy dog with a sword!

Mr. Peabody & Sherman 4_CThe Mr. Peabody and Sherman series, which concludes with this issue, was meant to be a prelude to the upcoming Dreamworks film of the same name. I’d imagine that the plan was to get these classic characters some exposure ahead of the film, which looks AMAZING by the way, and hopefully get some more kids in the theaters come March 7.

Sholly Fisch wrote the 4-issue series and showed that she had a handle on the nature of the characters. This issue was full of all the staples that should come with an episode of Peabody and Sherman and I found her to be quite clever and witty. Over the pages of the issue, readers (hopefully some young children) are exposed to legendary historical characters such as Shakespeare, Genghis Khan and Marie Antoinette and get to be entertained by the dynamic between “a dog and his boy” while getting a little more exposure to world history. To me, that’s what these characters have always been about and Fisch nailed it.

Jorge Monlongo’s artwork is spot on. It’s tough to describe accurately, but Monlongo drew Mr. Peabody and Sherman in all their 60’s glory in 2014. The characters look like they are right out of the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons; they are nostalgic and iconic and wonderful. It would be easy to modernize them, as they will be in the film, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but Monlongo paid homage to the original characters and I loved it.

I’m a sucker for this stuff because I have two little girls and we are all eagerly anticipating this film so I loved the issue. A clever story, lots of fun and sentiment…can’t beat it.



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